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Cookie Policy:


This site is hosted by WIX. All WIX site use cookies to provide a tailored experience for the user. If you wish to disable or prevent the use of cookies you should do so via your browser's security settings.



Privacy policy:


The only personal information collected and stored by the owner of this site are the email addresses voluntarily provided when users subscribe. This information will never be shared with or sold to a third party of any kind, for any reason, by the site owner.


Subscribers may periodically receive news and promotional emails from the site. A subscriber can unsubscribe at any time by responding to any such email with the word “unsubscribe”.

To conform with GDPR, visitor ip addresses are anonymised.





WIX, as site hosts, also have access to the information collected by this site. Users can familiarise themselves with WIX privacy and security policies here.

The use of the ® symbol in the title and body of the work and on this website is fictitious. No legal status is implied or asserted.

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