• Guillermo Stitch

More reviews

A few more very pleasing reviews are in, from

The Mantle

—"Brilliant tragicomedy...every character is an eccentric blend of caricature and nuance...takes the absurdist satire to its logical extreme."

Arts Fuse

—"Like something out of a dream, familiar and unsettling, a convincing achievement on par with the recognizable nowhere-ness of Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman."

and Maudlin House

—“I can’t decide whether this novel brings Voltaire or David Foster Wallace to mind, but I doubt either could do a better job of bantering about the savage human spirit than Stitch does here in 2020…. It’s dirty. It’s funny. It’s complex. It’s the kind of debut novel that most authors could only hope for. Guillermo Stitch is just the kind of writer that this year needs. Check out this book before the chaos ends.”

Deepest thanks to all.

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