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I'm very grateful for the positive reviews for Lake of Urine, which are still coming in.

“Such a talent for world-building. An abundance of funny, bizarre, imaginative touches.”

“What a deliciously bizarre book! Here is the type of novel that can be endlessly picked apart for its meanings…. a great addition to the modern literary universe.”

Electra Nanou, Book Breath

“[Stitch’s] writing is constantly surprising, and the fecundity of his language deserves all the accolades…. At bottom, amid the multifarious themes tackled in this novel, a few stand-outs are: Domestic violence, tenderness, and family trial. It is cheekily old fashioned and postmodern at the same time…. The author contemplates human relations with stark and unabashed honesty, sidelong, through the medium of parody, across a wide array of settings, all amply described, immersive, and brutally comic, the pages beset with gestures both lurid and poignant…. All around an impressive and entirely unique work of fiction.”


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