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Another fantastic review

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Another great and very kind review in from the blogosphere—this time from Teresa at Rocksprings Crafts.

"The story is set in the future and uses technology not yet invented which makes it Science Fiction, but it is also about love and loss, about standing up for one's principles, about solving a crime. It fits into multiple genres but the writing itself always remains clear and concise. With writing so lean and sparse every word carries it own weight and has to earn its place in the story. The result is an elegance of style where a future world is described in a way that would make Phillip Marlowe feel at home.

"Nothing is simple, nothing is straightforward. Everything needs to be read and reread to extract the full meaning and even then there are layers unmined.

"Of all the books I have read this year there are few that I have kept aside for rereading. This one is at the top of the pile and I know it will be read and read and read again in order to gain a better understanding of the complexity of the world Mr Stitch has created."

Deep thanks. Full review and other reviews at

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