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The first reviews are in...

"I was fortunate enough to discover the first chapter of 'Literature®' on a writing site, and finding it hilarious said as much to Guillermo. I then was allowed to read each following chapter, the whole book. To put it in its simplest terms, "Literature" is one of the most entertaining books I've had the pleasure to read, anywhere, at any time. The book picked me up and carried me along into a world where in order to keep the traffic moving (and we've all seen video of Los Angeles traffic), literature of all types—books—must be chewed up and re-purposed into the roadways, the highways, the freeways over which the vehicles run. And so of course there is a huge corporation that does this, managed by a slick, fast-talking operator named Murphy. And then there is our hero, Billy Stringer, sportswriter for the Herald. Murphy wants to recruit Billy to come to work for him, cranking out literature for the roadways: "I was reading a piece of yours while you were on your way up here. The play-offs piece? A nice enough piece, but a dead giveaway. You might think you're being clever, but it's riddled with literary pretension." Poor Billy, his love of books, the seemingly unattainable woman he loves, the never-ending mess he seems to make of things when, hey, all he's doing is trying to find his way through a life that seems impossibly complicated. The joke that hovers over the whole thing is that 'Literature®' is itself literature of a darkish noir shade. If you like exceptional writing and a rattling good fast-paced story with plenty of mystery and romance, you'll love 'Literature®'."

William Spencer (AKA Carlos Dunning), Goodreads.

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