• Guillermo Stitch

Review in Interzone

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Interzone have reviewed Literature™ — the magazine is available for Kindle but not published online, so here are some excerpts:

"A smart satire, crammed with compelling ideas, and it confronts the corrosive influence of philistinism head-on."

"A witty celebration of the transformative power of fiction and a tour de force of laconic pastiche."

"The story belts along with astonishing energy. There are some impressive touches: for example, Billy’s dialogue sounds overly arch at first, but it soon becomes clear his speech is a symptom of his burgeoning engagement with the world of storytelling. There are arresting visual set pieces, such as the vast spaces of the Gripping Tails™ factory, and some thoroughly absorbing ideas, such as text-driven vehicles. And there are genuine surprises as the narrative unfolds, some of which force significant revisions of the readers understanding of plot and character."

The review appears in the September/October 2018 issue.

Deep thanks.