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The book is finally out in the world and, without wishing to make an Oscars speech out of it, I would like to repeat my heartfelt thanks to the following:

Jacob Smullyan, founding editor of the the incredible press, Sagging Meniscus. For any of this to be real, some nut had to say yes to my nutty book, and it turned out to be Jacob. As far as I can make out, he publishes the work he publishes for the love of it, with no other discernible guiding principle. Perfect. Everything about my association with Sagging Meniscus has been exactly right. They make beautiful books, inside and out.

Royce M Becker, whose gorgeous and adorable artwork for the cover is attracting its own excellent reviews. I think it has been instrumental.

Small Press Distribution in the US, Gazelle Book Services in the UK, and Michael Darcy of Brookside Publishing Services in Ireland, for their efforts in getting the book out there, not to mention the independent Irish book shops that have ordered copies, which I believe include Dubray, O'Mahony's, Books Upstairs, The Book Centre and Kenny's.

Anne Cunningham, book critic for the Sunday Independent and elsewhere, who has taken a wonderfully supportive interest in my work since I published the novella, Literature™, in 2018.

The book's blurbers, who didn't know me from Adam and nevertheless took the time to read and support it: Dan Chaon, Sara Lippmann, Matthew Vollmer, Christian TeBordo.

I have to mention Zé Burns, an early reviewer, whose infectious enthusiasm for the book has been so encouraging.

And to keep this brief and minimize the self-indulgence, I will reproduce the book's Acknowledgments here:

“My deepest thanks go to Matt Dennison, without whose support and encouragement in the early stages I might not have gone ahead, to Christopher Allen for his insight and to Katherine Graham for hers, to Sally Houtman who is no longer with us and whose contribution to this work cannot be overestimated, and to John Patrick Higgins who is as culpable for the final shape of the thing as I am and whose participation I made sure, every step of the way, was torturous. Above all to Katja Spindler, whose minor and major corrections have been many, on and off the page.”

Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with more press to come this month and next.

You may wish to appraise yourselves of the buy links, here: and here:

Love to all.

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